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Pregnancy isn’t an easy journey, especially ones that are high-risk. It can greatly impact your mental health and at a critical time when you’re navigating one of the biggest and hardest moments of your life, you need a good support system to help you get through it.

Complicated pregnancies are a challenge and can prove to be very unsettling. That’s why at LA Perinatal Associates, we offer a range of services to make sure your entire pregnancy journey goes smoothly and that you’re given the best maternity care for up till a year after delivery.

Treatments for High-risk Pregnancies.

High-Risk Pregnancies can be unsettling. We’re here to help you get through this difficult time and live a more, happy and healthy life.

Care for Premature Labor

Premature labor occurs 37 weeks before the delivery of the baby is due. The earlier premature birth happens, the greater the health risks for your baby. Our healthcare provider will give you treatments and different steps that you can take to prevent any major health issues for you and your baby.

Treatment For Placenta Previa

Although rare, placenta previa is a major health issue that can cause multiple complications as well as excessive bleeding. Our doctors will monitor the situation closely and make suggestions about the amount of bed rest you need and any other treatments depending on the personal circumstances.

Treatment For Preeclampsia

This condition can have serious health implications on the mother and the baby and has to be treated for as quickly as possible. Depending on your symptoms, our healthcare providers will guide you with the best route to take and provide you with medication to assist in your treatment as quickly as possible.

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Michael G. Ross MD MPH

Distinguished Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Public Health

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Dr. Marie Beall MD

Co-founder of  Los Angeles Perinatal Associates

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Dr. Sanaz Tafti MD
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Dr. Jennifer King MD
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