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Who are we?

Maternal-fetal medicine is the subspecialty devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of high-risk pregnancies. It is a subspecialty of obstetrics and gynecology. Each of our physicians has completed four-year training programs in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as additional training in maternal-fetal medicine. We assist the pregnant mother and her obstetrics doctor in the diagnosis of pregnancy complications using ultrasound and genetic testing. We also assist pregnant women and their obstetricians in the management of complicated pregnancies, also known as high risk pregnancies. Although there is no single definition of high risk pregnancy, we are commonly involved in the management of pregnancies complicated by maternal medical conditions such as diabetes, pregnancies complicated by fetal abnormalities, and in pregnancies with complications of the pregnancy itself such as premature labor. We can participate in patient management both in the outpatient office and in the hospital. We do not perform deliveries, but we commonly advise the obstetrician and the patient about the optimum time of delivery for patients with various medical, surgical or obstetric issues.

Meet Our Specialist Doctors

Michael G. Ross MD, MPH

Distinguished Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Public Health

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Dr. Marie Beall MD,

Co-founder of  Los Angeles Perinatal Associates

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Dr. Sanaz Tafti MD,
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Dr. Jennifer King MD,
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Our Mission

“In 2009 there were 2.6 million stillbirths globally with more than 8200 deaths a day. At least half of all stillbirths occurred in the intrapartum period. Among the 133 million babies born alive each year, 2.8 million die in the first week of life; the majority occurring in developing countries. Quality skilled care during pregnancy and childbirth are key for the health of the baby and the mother.” – WHO

We strive to provide a happy and healthy life for you and your baby.

Better Health Care is Our Mission